Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Merry Christmas

As a new spread phenomenon, Santa Claus has made his way to Spain, this is an example of the widespread effect of American culture. However, the tradition here is not to celebrate the jolly, obese american symbol of giving, but rather the three wise men. Every child believes that the three wise men will come to their house at night bearing gifts. They go to bed early to make sure that the 'tres reyes magos' don't skip their house. They leave out wine for the reyes (milk and cookies), and believe that if they'd been bad that year, the wise men will leave nothing but coal. This is celebrated today, the 6th of January, and I woke up a few hours ago to find the Christmas tree packed from beneath with presents. Yes it is 12 days late, but I still feel the spirit of Christmas.

(And a Happy New Year)