Saturday, December 5, 2009


So I finally got my new computer to connect me to Blogspot! What a struggle! Grandparents in Spain!! (Below)
So what's new with me?

Every Thursday I have saxophone classes. The residents of the small city of Alboraya put a big emphasis on being connected to the Music Society. So naturally, to fit in, I took up classes. This weekend is 4 days long, thank god! And we were supposed to go traveling, but Miquel has caught the flu, and we are going to be stuck here for today. We might go out tomorrow.

How am I?

Ecstatic! I am passing all my classes so far, all in Spanish (except english + french)!!!!! Have been using Skype to contact home. If you have a skype and want to say Hi, add me: Scubavike...

More Videos To Be Posted For Christmas!!! Stay Tuned!

And Yes I have been here for 3 whole months, and have 7 left...Thats more than 1/4 of my adventure.

¡How fast Time Flies!

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