Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of Month #1

Well it's almost the month mark of my adventure here. And I've had my ups and downs. I'm definitely learning conversational spanish. I can communicate much better, and I don't have to think about translating in my head anymore. I can just project spanish and forget my english. I definitely have to mention that next week I have exams. This is very intimidating. After only three weeks of two weeks of classes, i have to come up with ideas about the material in Castellano. Wish me all the luck in the world, or at least in Spain.

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  1. Drew!!!
    Holy crap this all sounds hard, I bet this is why the American educational system is rated so low. That sucks you got a cold, hope you got over it quick. School here is the same as always: lot of homework, and group projects. Hope that all is going well and that you enjoy your time. Keep writing I like reading and it helps me procrastinate. We all miss ya and hope that your having a great time. Hope to see you soon.
    -jon michael
    P.S. what do they teach in their history classes?