Monday, September 14, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow!

This has been the longest summer break I've ever had. What Luck. However it must end sometime, and that's tomorrow. When I start 4 eso A. I have been understanding more and more these past few days, and am really starting to get into the swing of things. Although my host brother can be a bit of a bother, I cannot wait until I meet some people my own age. Everything in Spain is new and exciting here are the biggest differences:

2. They stand really close. I can't even focus my eyes on the person, and I bet I look crosseyed
3. French Fries are eaten with forks
4. Everyone who is pumping gas into their cars wears plastic gloves in the process
5. People peal their apples with knives before eating them
6. 25,000 in spanish is 25.000, and 3.14 in spanish is 3,14
7. I didn't hear one word about 9/11, until the day after (from an American)
8. clocks here go 11 oclock 12 oclock 13 oclock and so on to 24 oclock
9. Garlic is eaten like child vitamins
10. People in america say "OMG today I hit my first deer" and people in spain say "Ufff today I hit my first cat"
11. Notebooks for writing are filled with graph paper

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